We have a NW 6.0 SP4 server with 2 73 GB SCSI hard drives with NSS
partitions which are mirrored. I had some trouble with the server so I
can't shut down the server properly. When I rebooted the server, it
remirrores the disks normaly. But then the primary disk shows defective
blocks and the drive was deactivated. After I did scan for new devices
the mirroring starts again at 0% and the drive was again deactivated at
the defective block.
Now I unplugged the primary drive and tried to start from the other
drive, but the server won't start. I looked in NSSMU and all NSS
partitions are vanished!

Is this the normal behavior of the NSS mirroring, that the partition on
the secondary drive are only exists, when the drive is fully mirrored?
If this is normal, I can not suggest that NSS mirroring is a good
method. I am sure that the partitions exists, when I mirror traditional

The other remark is, that the mirroring starts at 0% after I reactivated
the hard disk. With traditional volumes the OS continues at this point
on which the drive was deactivated. In some cases I got the mirroring
complete after I tried it many times. In this case it is very time

Markus Pfeffer

PS: I completed the mirroring after I relocated the defective sectors
with the Adaptec verify tool.