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I have DELL PowerEdge server with a RAID1 SCSI arrangement for the SYS:
drive and a RAID5 SCSI arrangement for the VOL1: drive. The CMOS battery
died and the time on the server was off by four hours due to power outages
to the server beyond my control.

I downed the server this morning and replaced the CMOS battery and cleaned
the chassis of dust while I was there. Upon replacing the server in its
rack and powering it back up it will not boot. After confirming the two
SCSI controllers and all SCSI devices it then notifies me that there is no
boot device present and offers me the choice of F1 to retry the boot, or F2
to enter setup. I have told it to boot to the C:\ drive first, which
doesn't work and to boot to the SCSI devices first, which doesn't work.

Did I lose the DOS partition by replacing the CMOS battery? If so, how do
I get it back without reloading the whole DOS partion and operating system?