I'm in the process of building a Pre-Mig OES SP1 Netware server to migrate
from NW5.1, I have the following question which I can't find the answer to
on the other parts of the Novell site.

In NW3/4 it was recommended that you only had 1 NW partition, and your
volumes sat on that. In NW5 you had the same setup for Traditional volumes
.. We are using Traditional volumes on NW5.1.

On NW6.5/OES is it still the recommendation to stay with one partition, and
then have your disk pools, then volumes. I have read the suggestion that
you split the SYS pool from your other data, so you have SYS (pool) <> SYS
(Volume) and DATA (pool) <> VOL1 (Volume) & VOL2 (Volume).

I am looking at the following NSS structure

SYS - Pool 1
->SYS - Volume 1

DATA - Pool 2
->VOL1 - Volume 1
->GWISE - Volume 2
->APPS - Volume 3
->USERS - Volume 4
->PATCHES - Volume 5

Currently the NW 5.1 server just has 2 Volumes (SYS & VOL1), I intend to
migrate data from VOL1 into individual volumes on the OES server using the
migration wizard.

What do I do about OES Partitions, have one or two? Is their any benefit to

On the hardware side I'm looking at a HP DL380 G3/4 with 6x72Gb HDs (Raid 5
+ Spare).

Sam Conroy