I've recently built a Netware 6.5 server with sp3 on dell 2650 poweredge
hardware. There are two raid containers, the first is for the os which
consists of 2 disk each at 18gb with raid 0, and the second is for data
volume with 3 72gb disks configured with raid 5. Both containers are
displayed correctly within raid boot; however, when trying to configure
the additional pool for the data volume, once the server has booted, there
is only 7gb, not 136gb, of free space available from imanager storage
configuration. I've updated to the latest 2.8 version of perc drivers.
There are no addional updates that I can find on the novell site for NSS
that I can find. The version of imanager is 2.0.2 and is able to view
other NSS pools and partitons on another netware 6.5 server, so I'm
assuming I don't need to update to 2.5. I remember seeing these issues
back with traditional volumes when the correct driver wasn't loaded. Any