I have two users on two different servers that have directories in thier
home directories that they can not see. I login as the admin user on a
window 2000 machine and can not see them. I map a drive to thier home
directory and go to a command prompt and can not see them. However I go to
remote manager and navigate to thier home directories then I am able to see
the directories in question. Any ideas why these directories would be
hidden? I ahve checked the attributes while in remote manager and do not
see the hidden attribute set. When I go to a command prompt and do a "dir"
I do not see them. However when at a command prompt I can switch to the
"hidden" directory by cd "dir" and it will switch to the directory. I know
this all sound strange but this the case for at least two users that so far
have reported this strange issue. Any ideas why this would be happening?