I have a SLES9 and OES installed. It's a Dell 1850 1u. I attempted to
install NSS _after_ I had already run red carpet and activated and
patched the base system. When I went to setup NSS the NSS configurator in
YaST2 would not run.

I used the software installation to install all of the NSS related rpms
'manually'. NSS worked, I re-ran red-carpet and upgraded the NSS & kernel
related stuff. It all worked very nicley. However, it did _not_ create
/var/opt/novell/nss/.nss.dat. It also gets a great error whenever I try
to add volumes to NDS:

Error: Invalid incarnation number.

Noted conditions:
a. There is no nssadmin created for this server.
b. /etc/sysconfig/nss was not created.
c. /var/log/messages is logging this:

Sep 14 09:54:55 gw adminfs daemon: Error -1 from NCPLoginAsNSSAdmin

d. [That is really expected due to the afore mentioned conditions]

e. nssAdminInstall returns strange errors.

After reboots, updates and other problems I gave up last night. Can
anyone help?