We are experiencing a strange problem on one of our netware 6 (SP5) servers. In explorer, when users browse to certain directories, not all files are shown.
The files are there though. When I copy them from another location to those directories, I get the message that the files already exist. I can open the files if I enter the complete path and filename, I just cannot browse them.
When I go to monitor on the server console, then "file open/lock activity" and browse to that directory, I again don't see all files that should be there (but I see 2 files more than when I look at the same location in windows explorer). When I go via Remote Manager, I see all files.
Strange thing is that when I delete files in such a directory, some files that previously weren't visible, become visible. So for instance : in one directory I see 400 files (of the 1200 that should be there), when I delete 3 files, 3 of the "invisible" files appear, but I still can see only 400 files.
Any suggestions? Could this be NSS corruption?
Thanks in advance for any help...