We have had a problem that happens during high user activity periods.

Usually in the morning when several hundred users are accessing their mail
files, etc.
The server will slow down to a crawl (appears stopped to the end user).
(BTW, server is HP ML530 dual XEON 2.4GHz 4GB-RAM, QL2300.HAM(2GB fibre),
dual trunked CE1000 nics - plenty of horses )

Looking at the NW6.5sp3+ console - Monitor shows Current Disk Requests
cycling between 100 and 300 but rarely going below 100.

A few weeks ago a NSS /poolrebuild /purge was run and were fine for about 3
Now, our volume only has about 8% purgable files. (I don't think this is

Anyone else experiencing these 'slow-down' problems with MSA1000?

Also our pools are NW mirrored to an offsite MSA1000.
The server is part of a cluster, this problem has appeared on other cluster
servers as well.

It appears as if the MSA1000 can't keep up with the large number of disk
I wondered about a virus or worm on someone's workstation that might be
pumping large amounts of data to this network drive - but have not been able
to prove or disprove this.
Have run a server packet scan during one of these 'slow' periods, but
nothing stood out in the scan viewing in ethereal.

Most of the time the issue is corrected by rebooting the NW server, the
volume will failover to another server (will not always failover right
away - took about 15 mins Cluster status sitting at 'loading'- today had to
'offline' the pool, then migrate it back to the server - took a long time to

Typically on Monitor, Current Connections is usually at 700, Open Files =
2,450 , current disk requests hover between 0- 50.

Is this too much for the MSA1000? 99% of the time all seems lively enough
on the network,
Sorry for the long post - but tried to include many details that might be

Any ideas?
Thanks, Graham