Posting a follow up farther in the thread to the iSCSI performance tests discussion of a few weeks ago. I posted off the main thread to hopefully draw attention to it.

I am wondering if any conclusive findings were made? We are on NW65SP4 due to BakBone NetVault requiring that revision for a job we run. iSCSI performance appears abysmal. We get a solid 2,760 MB/s across the wire from a Linux box to our Filer using NDMP (NetApp R200), but with the attached iSCSI LUNs and NetVault on NetWare to iSCSI we get a maximum of 720 MB/s. This indicates that NDMP to the filer is approximately 4 times faster then iSCSI to the same filer.

The filer is running NetApp OnTap 7.0.1 and the NetWare 6.5 SP4 server is an HP Proliant DL380 G4 with dual Intel Integrated PCI-X NICs. I know these NICs are capable of higher throughput as the Linux backup server connected NDMP to the filer has seen sustained transfer rates as high as 60 MB/s and it is also an HP Proliant DL380 G4.

Our network is configured without jumbo frames (which according to the discussion appears to be a good thing). We also chew up an insane amount of Packet receive Buffers (as many as 40,000). There are always plenty of free ECBs.

What settings can I try for optimized iSCSI performance? Any help is appreciated.