Good Morning,

Sorry about the long post ... just trying to explain ...

I have a NW 6.5 sp3 network. We have just been through a network equipment
upgrade from old Cabletron gear to new Cisco Catalyst gear. So overall,
our connections in general are much better than before. We have also just
changed our ip structure from a 192.168.X.X /16 flat network to a
172.X.X.X /16 network with 10 locations, each on their own subnet, and
each having 6 vlans.

I include this information incase it may have a relationship to the
question ...

I have constantly (before & after network update) had minor/inconsistant
drive mapping issues. The errors have always been because "the specified
server can not be found", so I would say that is the main issue.

I have done all server health checks, pkidiag's, etc. All servers see and
talk to each other and sync with each other.

I have tried making sure the Novell Client is the latest, but it doesn't
seem to be a client issue whereas it happens on new XP machines with
latest client and back to Win98 machines w/ client 3.31, including
everything inbetween.

The same machine that have errors today, will not the next. Or if you
continue to login over and over, you may eventually get all the drives.
But if you shut down and start again, you'll get the errors again.

The only things I see in common it it is three servers out of 14 in
general. Two have read,write replicas, and one has none ... our Web
Server, used both internally & externally on two different interfaces.

That's about all the information I can give on that issue, do you have any
advice on how else to try and track this down?

The second issue is that rights to directories and mappings to directories
seem to disapear. I guess this is two issues.

Why would rights that were there just "disappear" ?

Why would a mapped drive lose it's connection randomly?

I have a pure IP network, no ipx/spx, and have been told that the watchdog
service shouldn't be a factor, although I still see watchdog notices on
the servers when staff does not log out at night. But I don't see any
during the day when network access is allowed.

Needless to say, when it come to the disappearing drives, I have never
actually see this happen, but have a lot of complaints about it.

I have seen the drive mapping errors, and have had to fix the rights that

Sorry again for the long post, it's the only way to try to explain the
best I can.

Thank you for the advice,