Running NW6.5/SP2, IBM xSeries 250 [quad processor], ServeRAID-4H, 8 drives
installed in the following config - 17/36/36/36 Gig on channel 0,
17/36/36/36 Gig on channel 1. The 17 Gig drives are mirrored, the 36 Gig
drives are striped into a 108 Gig drive on channel 0, then mirrored to the
other 36 Gig drives that are also striped into 108 Gig drive on channel 1.
So far, so good... until our ServeRAID-4H controller died. I have replaced
it with a ServeRAID-6M controller and this is where the fun begins.

The controller and drives have been upgraded to the latest firmware
versions, I have installed the latest IPSRAID.HAM drivers on the server.
Using IBM's utilities, the drives appear as they should. When I start up
the server, it begins to start normally [SYS volume is the 17 Gig, DATA
volume is the 108 Gig], everything loads fine on the SYS volume, but the
system will not mount the DATA volume. I attempted to mount it manually,
and I checked for the NSS pools and it doesn't appear to be there. Using
the GUI interface on the console, it looks like the DATA volume has
disappeared. In its place are two drives that are each 54 Gig in size [with
the prompt "Activate partition" beside each]. Coincidentally, this is half
of what the entire drive should be.

I am at a loss as to what to do next. Is the data forever lost? The three
drives on channel 0 are active, churning away as if they were doing
something while the drives on channel 1 remain idle. I'm hesitant to try
and recreate anything, for fear that I might be destroying perfectly good data.

Any suggestions?