I have a NetWare 6.0 SP 5 Server with NSS Volumes. Some subdirectories on
one Volume canīt be accessed. I donīt know how this happend. On the
RemoteManager ManageServer/Volumes/[VolumeName] in the directory table the
Attributes -----A-----DmDiRiIc are shown. If clicking on any of the
damaged directories in the attribute-column im getting diffrent results
although equal attributes on all subdirectories are shown before on the
directory table. Some directories has no attributes set, some directories
has additionaly to the Attributes mentioned above System, Immediate Purge,
Shareable, Donīt SubAlloc, Execute and Copy Inhibit set. Anyway i canīt
change this attributes; iīm getting the following Message: Unsupported
option - Changing file/directory attributes is not supported on NSS
volumes at this time. Microsoft Explorer (W2K-Workstation) wants to format
this directories when clicking on it.
Can anybody help me?

Ingo Kubach