I'm posting this in the storage forum because the first error was an nss
error. On a NW6 SP5 server with nss.nlm dated 10/8/2004. First I recieved
the following error: user data write...failed.

Then timesync was lost. I issued reset and restarted timesync from the
console and then it was fine.
Then, the print manager went into a bad state with errors in the client
interface (as viewed from NRM). The errors were "pm, Operation: Bind to
Printer Agent, Selection Error: Unknown Object Identification (no such
object)" I am running ndps version 11d. I tried to unload the print
manager, but I had to restart the server.

Could the second and third errors be caused by the first error, or could
they all be caused by something else. Earlier this week, I added a hard
drive to a raid 5 array and expanded the USER nss pool which created a new
partion. This went fine and users have been using the server without
incident. This is the same pool that had the write error.

Thanks for your help,