Alright ... heres a odd one for ya....

OS: Netware OES 6.5 SP4/OES-SP1
Groupwise 6.5 SP4, BorderManager 3.8, and DNS/DHCP are also running.

Recently I noticed that I am unable to browse to my servers SYS volume
within windows. I am able to connect to a \\server\SYS share, but it
will always bring up a different volume. I've had my DATA volume show
up once, another time (after a reboot) it was my GWVOL, and I am able
to work with it and have no problems (as if SYS was just an alias to
the other volume).

However, if I open up Consoleone and browse to the volume object the
correct data shows up (I actually see the contents of the SYS volume).
The same goes for Remote Manager, and working from the console.

Anyone have any ideas?