NSS is one of the best things about a Novell server.


"Voelker Christian" <cvoelker@nospam.lrh-mv.de> wrote in message
> Yohoo!
> First post in this Newsgroup :)
> We want to use NLD and OES. We know Linux very well, but have no
> experience with Novell.
> At the moment, we are using debian-clients and RedHat-servers. The
> user-homedirectories are on an nfs-drive from the server.
> In future we need:
> -Useraccess from anywhere (two locations) to their files and email
> (roaming user)
> -simple, centralized possibility for backup (with cp and tar preffered)
> -When working with laptops offline access to their files.
> How can it be realized in with NLD and OES?
> Is it ok to use NFS further? Or is the iFolder a good choice? I've read
> about NSS- what does it exaclty mean? Can I use it?
> THX for Tips!
> Christian Voelker
> SCLT (now CNI ;))& RHCE