Running beta client version NCL_disk-SuSE93-bld7828 (error also happened on

Suse 9.3 pro, Kernel linux

Whenever I attempt to manually map a drive thru either the taskbar applet or
thru the Applications/Novell Login menu choice I get this error:

Cannot perform mount operation. Error:NWSetDriveBase2:

I've tried mapping to several different volumes located throught the tree.
All servers are running NW6.0 SP2 eDir or NW6.5 SP2 eDir

The initial login performs as expected and I get no errors. I also do NOT
have a login script that runs (nor do I need one at this point, hence the
manual map attempt)

I've seen this error reported on a different site ( I
think) but there are no responses there yet.

Any suggestions ?