Over the weekend we applied SP8 to our Netware 5.1 servers in preparation to
upgrade to eDirectory and NW6.5 and this morning I can no longer log into
the novell environment on my Suse 9.3 laptop. I get a bunch of errors in my
login script like this:

Unable to map E:=CS9/DATA:DATA/DP/EVERYONE (code:8804 )
Unable to map F:=CA1/DATA:Apps/TC_Apps (code:8804 )
Unable to map H:=CS15/DATA:DATA/DP/Network/AdminKKeoseyan (code:8804 )
Unable to map L:=CS15/SYS:LOGIN (code:8804 )
Unable to map U:=CA1/DATA:APPS (code:8804 )
Unable to map G:=CS9/DATA:DATA/DP/NETWORK/GROUP (code:8804 )
Unable to map S16:=CA1/SYS:PUBLIC (code:8804 )
Unable to map O:=CA1/DATA: (code:8804 )
Unable to map P:=CA1/SYS: (code:8804 )
End of script.
Press Enter key to continue.

It worked fine on 5.1 SP7 and I was wondering if anyone else had seen this
problem before. I am assuming it has to do with the SP install because as
of Friday afternoon everything worked fine and nothing changed on my

Any ideas?