i just installed the Evaluation Copy eDirectory 8.8 on a server (SuSE 9.3)
in my testing environment (based on vmware). The NDS is up (i see activate
in ndstrace) and i can browse for the tree from a different SuSE 9.3 with
NCL 1.0, but if i try to browse for the context, then i get an error: No
Access for Tree "Treename" and when i try to browse for Servers, i only get
an empty list.

When i try to login, with manually filled out context and/or Server, then i
get the error message:

Connection through Server not Possible:[TREENAME].
Error:NWCCOpenConnByName:NWE - Server not found
(Had to translate this Message from German to english ;-) )

With iManager Mobile 2.5 i can login. I have a look to the [Public] Trustee
of the Tree and there is the Browse Right enabled. So i think that it
should be possible to browse for context and server, but my box did not do

Any Suggestions for me? Sorry for my bad Knowledge of eDirectory, but the
last time i had to do with eDirectory is sometime ago (Update CNE4 to
CNE5 :-) )

Thank You
Kai Schmidt