I realize that this is not a trivial issue, but I would like to offer my

If Novell really wishes to promote OES, there needs to be client support
for other desktop distros. Specifically, a linux client available in
..deb form, suitable for Debian (and thus the widely popular Ubuntu).

We gave Suse an honest shot on the desktop, but for our purposes ubuntu
is simply, plainly better in that role.

Now that I'm looking to chuck more Microsoft stuff in our organization,
and get back into the land of Novell services using OES on Linux, I'm
frustrated with a number of aspects of this evaluation process (Novell
still hasn't figured out how to sell a product). On topic though, client
support is key. What good is moving to an open platform if I'm just as
bound to one vendor's portfolio as I was before?

Novell, please produce (and promote!) a distro-agnostic client. I _want_
OES, and I can't be alone in my hunger. But I don't want to blow away
our desktops to do it.