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Ok, Novell says that it wants to default with Gnome...
I like to follow Novells lead,but this is getting a bit troubling,
I was totally happy with KDE and got to know it quite easily. But....
The Gnome is such a pretty simple thing and nice to use and will make a
great Business class desktop unless:
1) you are a sophisticated power user with unusuall needs
2) you are a Netware administrator and want to assign file rights to
network folders or files with novell file attributes
3) You want to configure your menu's to make life easier
for you to do your job
4) You want to browse unmapped NSS based file systems

this is why I'm posting, I can't figure out what exactly the
Nautilus plugin for NCL actually does. It seems that there is no way to
browse, I tried "network servers" in the internet section. I tried using
nnetscannds:/ or nnetscannwsrv:/ all to no avail.
Am I crazy or is the Gnome a little daft?
Did I install something wroong?
I have double checked and reintstalled the client with both red-carpet and
the bash script.
at this rate it will be NLD version 12 before I actually use this at work!
and it's supposed to be a business class system.
somebody tell Nat Friedman to stop taking trips overseas and blogging and
get his ass to work! http://nat.org/ and drag that aother guy Miguel de
Icaza http://primates.ximian.com/~miguel/gallery/ with him.
Seriously, traveling when they could be integrating NLD into a Netware
network at a speed that actually makes a difference. **** NCPFS does as
much for GNOME as NCL