Hey Guys,
I am kinda stuck and could use some help.
I have implemented pam_script to query ldap and use the info to login to
here is my onauth script which works great.
#Lookup the FQN for the user and strip out the context
CONTEXT=`ldapsearch -x cn=${USER} objectclass=dn | grep ^dn | sed -e "s/^dn:
cn=${USER},//" -e "s/ou=//g" -e "s/o=//g" -e "s/,/./g"`
/opt/novell/ncl/bin/nwlogin -t liberty -s -u $USER -c $CONTEXT
-p $PAM_AUTHTOK -r > /home/${USER}/.nw
chmod 600 /home/${USER}/.nw
exit 0

Now here is the problem, my onsessionopen
cd /
/opt/novell/ncl/bin/nwmap display ON
/opt/novell/ncl/bin/map /home/$USER:=JT-/HOME:/$USER
sh /home/${USER}/.nw
rm /home/${USER}/.nw
exit 0

gives me an error
"NWE_INVALID_DRIVE_BASE" there is no reference on the internet
at all about this error. there is a number associated
with this error its "8873"
My goal is to redirect the "/home" dir before the xdm or x-server
take over to start building the gui. way before it starts
to even thinks about checking for the desktop folders.
if this can be achieved then I would like to looking into
using "CASA" to hold the "token"\password instead of the .nw folder.

So if anyone wants to pitch in! let me know
P.S. i'm on suse 10 w\kde and suse 9.3 NCL