Hey Gang,
I've been working on this all day, and I can't quite seem to get it to work,
so I'm hoping the collective knowledge of the group can help.

I've installed OpenSuse 10.0 on a fresh test box. I then downloaded and
installed the client directly from Novell's site today, so I'm confident I
got the latest. I installed it via the "hack" at

I updated the /etc/slp.conf file with my network's SLP info, and it's
correct. I can browse for a Tree, browse for a Context, and browse for a
Server without a problem.

I have a valid IP address, and can ping anything without a problem...

However, when I try to login to the network, it says:
"The system could not log you into the network.
Make sure the the name and connection information are correct, then type
your password again."

I have made sure that my local user name and password are the same in Linux
and NDS, and I've tried different user/password combos. I have removed and
recreated several users, to see if that was the problem. No success.

Any ideas? TIA.

~ David