Is there an overview HOWTO making the switch to Linux, kind of like:

1. You have a Novell Enterprise and you are thinking about Linux
2. Consider SLES or OES - pointing likely to OES with an existing NW, GW,
ZFD, NCS environment
3. What about workstations/ clients? Staying with Windows, the workarounds
for some applications - like <gasp> Terminal Services
3.a. Moving to NLD - the Novell Corp Desktop Linux
3.b. Playing around with OpenSUSE
4. In Depth planning on migrating NW to OES Linux
4.a. What works, what don't, what will in the future and a timeframe of what
to expect when
4.b. Getting your first OES Linux box in your tree, should be in the
existing OES NW Cluster or standalone
4.e. Getting eDirectory up and working
4.f. What about all of my tools I used to use?


Am I missing something, overlooked this? For us who have been true to
Novell all these years and want to stay - and even would like to switch over
some desktops (much better plan for OS instead of the disaster that was
WordPerfect aquisition)