Hello all!
I have been working on finding out more about the PAM modules that keep
getting upgraded with what looks like Novell specific attributes. I know
this is the "client" forum, but IMHO these modules are integral to getting
NCL to authenticate at the gui prompt.
As I have said in other posts, I have cobbled together (with much help from
real Linux users, thanks again) a process for NLD9 to get LDAPsearch to
feed info into a script which uses NCL to login as a background process so
that when the desktop gets loaded you are already logged in to e-Dir with
scripts already run.
Is there someone here who would like to chat about using PAM? I am trying to
update my process to work with SUSE 10 retail.
My main questions are about using PAM scripts with NCL components to
authenticate to e-Dir and import\mount a users home directory into the
local /home folder.
Any help would be appreciated!!
Thanks in advance