Linux Client v1.1 (for NLD) running on OES SP2. Our OES server is
running GroupWise, and to get a backup I've written a batch script to
log into a NetWare server, "map" a drive and then start a DBCopy.

Everything works fine until approximately halfway through the copy, when
around 8Gb of data has been copied. Then the "mapped drive" disappears,
and the copy starts failing.

If I try a "nwconnections" command, I get the following:

bcw-groupwise:~ # nwconnections
Cannot get connection list: Cannot scan Connection References.

If I try to login:

bcw-groupwise:~ # nwlogin
Tree: bcw_group
Server: bcw_1
Unable to locate tree bcw_group

However, if I do a ncl_control restart, I can log back in normal, map
drives without problems etc.

Why does the client "die" after copying large amounts of data, and how
can I fix it?