Hello all,
I have been trying to get my client working again and I can't.
I have an oes linux box fresh install from the latest service pack disks.
I have nld9 and sled 10 beta dual booting on an ibm r51 laptop using
wireless ipw2200.
when both systems were on the earlier SLP deamon everything worked fine.
I have followed every TID i can find concerning slp configuration. no matter
what I do the client can't find the DA.
the slptool can find the DA and I can browse slp services.
this is the error the client gives when trying to find the context in the
advanced button in the client.
Description : Cannot access tree "LIBERTY"
Code : 0
Build : 1.0.0
File : frmContextImpl.cpp
Line : 204
Repository Version : $Revision$

if I set the tree name to the ip address of the server all is fine.
we have all seen this error before it usually means that the server has not
been correctly configured as a DA. but it does report itself as a DA.
could this be something to do with my wireless card?
I thought the local SLP agent might be starting before the network is
running but I have restarted the client with no change.

any ideas?