Does anyone else have problems with login credentials not being carried over
between servers in their tree when using the Novell Client for Linux both
1.0 and 1.1?

Here is the senario I have, I have a mixed Netware 5.1/6.5/SLES SP2 tree
with approximately 40 servers all running eDir 8.7. When I open Konqueror
and browse the tree using nnn:/Entire Network I see the Novell Directory
Services and Novell Servers Icons. If I drill down the tree using either
icon I am sometimes prompted for my login credentials again when I browse
servers that I have not mapped a drive to in my login script. Servers that
I have a drive mapped to during login work fine for me, but if I do not map
a drive to them I get prompted to log in usually. The Windows client does
not seem to have this problem logged in as the same user account. Any