Hi, i'm having a problem with integrated login and hope someone can help me

I have build 510 of NCL 1.2 installed on the SLED 10 preview release.
Following the directions I input all the information on the Novell Login
screen and in the startup tab checked the boxes marked "Run Novell Client
Login at session startup" and "Save profile after the sucesful login".

When I click ok it then logs me in ok and runs the login script, and then
pops up a message saying: "eDirectory login profle for user matt have been
saved for use at next session startup".

However the next time I log in nothing happens, it does not log me in to
novell at all. When I go back in to the Novell Login the "Run Novell
Client Login at session startup" box is no longer checked

Any ideas where I am going wrong?