OS: SLED10 pre-release
Servers: NW6.5sp5

I'm unable to map drives as a regular user.

If I initially login to SLED 10 pre-release as root, then I can use NCL
1.2 to map drives to the server just fine using various NW user logins
[command line, NCL_tray map, or login script].

If I am logged in as a regular user, I cannot map drives to the servers
using any manner. I do show a connection to the server in the tray
object. but map gives error code:8804 and using the tray object I
receive error: nwsetdrivebase2 It doesn't matter if I try to map
within base home directory level or a newly created subfolder.

I show that I have full rights (RWX and tried rwxrwxrwx) to the users
directory, and I can create folders just fine there.

Also, doing initial login using NT Domain authentication creating home
directory at login. (that is working just fine)

Unfortunately searches here haven't revealed much other than it not
working, then all of the sudden starting to work.

ncl_control status shows running and ok status.