I must say that I'm a bit disappoitned.. I was expecting a bit more in terms
of user friendliness with SLED10 and Novell Linux Client 1.2 integrated
login.. It seems silly to require every single user to right click on the
novell icon, do a manual novell login and check the "save" box to have it
auto log them in in the future without getting double logins.. I'd like it
to automatically log in to the Novell Linux Client with the same username
and password that it used to log in to the local computer.. any solutions
for this?

Otherwise it does not seem easy enough to move my users to Linux desktops,
when they tend to have enough problems just trying to log in once with their
current Windows machines, let alone having to do so twice. I can imagine
half of them never even right clicking the novell login box properly and
thus never being connected to the server, saving everything to their local
PC and getting all their files erased when the computer is reimaged..

Is there a way of giving the integrated login the same experience so it's
similar to how you log in on Windows with zenworks dynamic local user? That
makes it so easy, just like logging into a Windows domain from a Windows
desktop. Is Novell working on a way to do the same thing in Linux??
Otherwise I can't move anybody here to Linux desktops..