Ok, I think I'm doing something wrong, but I just can't figure out what it
is. I've got SLED & the 1.2 client installed on it. If I log off and log
back on, all existing mappings and connections are kept. But if I restart
they go away and I have to manually login. I never see the login script
just come up automatically. Sounds like integrated login isn't working,
though I've done the CASA config & I've saved that profile in the Novell

Perhaps this extra tidbit will shed some light. On the system message
console (or whatever you call the ALT-F10 screen), these messages appear:

pam_autoncl[3478]: pam_ncl_autologin authenticate started.
pam_autoncl[589]: Tree "HSE_TREE" not found in miCASA.
ncl_autologin[716]: Integrated Novell Client Login at startup.
ncl_autologin[716]: Tree "HSE_TREE" not found in miCASA.
ncl_autologin[716]: Error, failed to get CASA credentials.

Any ideas?