I have LUM, NCL and CASA enabled and everything works just fine. I can log
in as a user, save the profile, log in and out and get integrated login.

The problem is that if i reboot SLED and try the same user that worked 30
times in a row before it complains about "ncl_autologin[716]: Tree "" not
found in miCASA." and fails to do the integrated login. If i look at the
profile in the client everything looks just fine and i can login without
errors if i supply the password again.

In the Casa store i can see the tree and the password.

I have SLP setup on the OES server and slptool on the SLED box connects to
the OES server and works properly. All three buttons on the linux client
works and finds trees, contexts and servers. I have reproduced the error on
three different hardwares with different media for the install.

Have anyone else reproduced this error? I have followed the documentation
to the letter but integrated login still just fails after every reboot i make.

Any ideas no matter how longshot is much appriciated, i just have to get
this working.