I would like to explain the steps that I took to get the Novell Client for
Linux v1.2 installed on OpenSuse 10.2. I've pieced this together from
Loki's website (http://dev-loki.blogspot.com/), Novell bugzilla info and
trial and error (because I'm a newbie and not too bright, but I don't feel
bad because there are a lot of us ;-). This may not be the only way to do
this, your mileage may vary, etc.

Step 1. Get and install the patched binutils rpm from Loki's server
- 32 bit :
- 64 bit :

Setp 2. Get and install the patched novfs rpm from the Suse ftp server.
You will need to browse to the directory that matches your cpu
architecture and then select the rpm that matches your kernel-type (bigsmp
or xen or default etc). For example this is the url for the 32 bit intel
architecture running the default kernel:


Step 3. Reboot

Step 4. Get and install the Novell Client v1.2 for SLED 10

- available from the Novell webserver at

Step 5. Reboot and Test

Hope that I got this right and that it helps you.



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