I am trying to figure out what is wrong with the OES Linux server
configuration which is causing issues resolving the NSS Volumes in the
tree. The linux client is able to log in, it is possible to browse the
tree in Nautilus, but when it reaches the NSS Server part of the tree or
when mapping a drive in the client directly there is an error. The error
when mapping a drive is:

Description : Cannot connect to server:[X001]. Error:NWCCOpenConnByName:
Code : FFFFFFFFC7E50014
Build : 1.0.0
File : ncpConnection2.cpp
Line : 167
Repository Version : $Revision: 1581 $

The Windows clients are experiencing no issues and LUM is working great. I
can get the volume mapped on the linux client if I provide the IP address
but when I drag a file into the folder there is an error:

Error "File not found" while copying "/home/jthomas...ktop/TestFile".

I don't know where to look. I have a hunch it is a server config issue
because I had the linux client with the same config working on a different
tree. The servername resolves to the right IP address through the DNS.

Any ideas?