Currently the Novell Client for Linux is only supported on SLED, not SLES.
However Novell product management is listening to cases where people do
use NCL on SLES, and the official support policy may change. If you use
it, please post the following information.

1. # of SLES servers you want NCL on or have already installed on
2. # of users affected
3. Rate importance of NCL support on SLES
a) not important (who cares)
b) somewhat important (I'd use it, but its easy enough to workaround)
c) very important (highly important to me/dealbreaker)
4. What are you using the NCL for? (somewhat beyond the obvious connection
to NCP servers :) )


Joe Marton
Novell Support Forum SysOp
Novell does not officially monitor these forums!