Hello, I am looking at migrating our GroupWise server to OES Linux and have
a few questions about drive mappings. I set up a test server and tried using
EVMS to manage volumes to get NSS volume support but the server crashed
within a few days with a "Segmentation fault". I could not figure out how to
recover the OS so I reinstalled, this time without EVMS. Here's my
1. Can I use NSS without EVMS?
2. If I stick with the standard Linux file system (reiserfs) how do I assign
rights to my edirectory users and map folders?
3. Is there an easy way to set up FTP login using an authentication method
that I can give certain users or groups of users access to the htdocs folder
for web publishing?

I have not played much with user rights on OES so I am not sure what would
be the correct or easiest path to take to accomplish what I am after.

Richard G.