How did you configure SLP during the install of the OES Linux machine?

Try this:
At the Novell Login prompt, enter a valid user name and password (i.e.
/ admin-password)
Then click on the advanced button.
Now manually enter the Tree name and user context (dotted format for
context like "admin.organization")
Then under server, put in the IP address of the OES Linux machine.

I suspect that the client can't find a DA that knows about the Linux
box or
its tree. Specifying the IP address under "advanced" should get you

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>>> <> 3/18/2005 7:14:41 PM >>>

>I have the Novell Client which shipped with OES installed on Windows

>and I cannot seem to find the eDirectory tree I configured on SLES.

>Any tricks to view the Tree from the client?