Hi all,

This is a problem I have run into repeatedly since the release of 4.90.
When you copy a large file, let's say an ISO image of 500MB to the network,
the first 200-250MB of it streams out to the server at high network
utilization 17-25% on a Gigabit connection, so about 5 seconds for the first
250MB, then the network utilization drops to .2 to .85% and it takes another
20 minutes to copy the rest of the file.

I upgraded to the 4.91 client, and I see this problem again. Tried all the
nwfs updates, including the latest beta and it makes the problem WORSE! Now
I get the .2 to .85% utilization immediately.

I've tried changing burst mode, caching mode, packet size, read & write
buffers, nothing seems to make a difference.

This is against Netware 6.5 SP3 OES.

Anyone else experienced this?