> Red,
> The most important thing is to verify your protocol choice at the
> client. NW 4.11 only supports IPX connections from the client. However
> a NetWare 6.5 server is typically installed IP only. So a client
> optimized for NW 4.11 might not see your 6.5 server.
> The best solution is to rerun the client install on your workstation,
> do a custom install and make the appropriate protocol choices during
> the install.
> If you no longer have any NW 4.x server to access, then the best choice
> is probably "IP only" combined with checking the "remove IPX" option.
> If you still need access to 4.x servers, then "IP and IPX" might be the
> appropriate choice for you.
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> Marcel Cox (SysOp)
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In addition to the above, if you are installing a newer client I would
suggest NOT using 4.91 (see the "tree or server not found" posts) but
instead stick to one of the 4.9 versions