After reloading a computer with win XP SP2 and installing Novell Client
4.83, from Cd, I was unable to browse for a tree or context. I tried
manually typing in the tree and context with no luck. I then updated
from 4.83 to 4.91 and rebooted the machine and still had no luck with
seeing the tree. I tried running a program to clean up the networking
options call WinsockFix, this had worked in the past with networking
problems, this had no luck. I let our network administrator work on the
problem and he was unable to make a connection after trying many
different things i'm ready to give up. this has happened on two
computers in a row that i was working on. The first one i changed the
HAL.dll driver to try and make it compatible across the board for
Zenimaging purposes. When I had a problem I tried the second computer
and didn't change anything and still ran into the problem. Thanks in
advance for the help.