Clustered NW 6.5 SP2 (IP only, SLP fully configured with scope)

Clients (3 PC tested)
Windows2000 SP4+RollupUpdate+Fix(->Today) IE6 +Fix(->Today)
NW Client 4.91+UpdA+BetaFix(->Today)
ZEN Client 4.01 IR6
SLP (conf. with scope) NMAS (not installed) NICI (2.6.7 installed)
LDAP (contextless ON treeless OFF)

Primary login NW, background login AD (Win2003) same user/password (in
sync manually)

Answering YES when prompted during login to change expired password
(with password successfully changed adn in sync between eDir & AD) the
login script is unable to correctly map all clustered volumes.

Next login with new password is fully correct (every map is OK)

Inspecting login log when errors occurrs I see this:

Every unsuccessfull map gives this error

LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-470: The specified drive mapping is an invalid path:
(ROOT <drive>:=.<clustered_volobj>.<servers_context>:<pa th>)

In this case the login map command is

MAP ROOT <drive>: = .<clustered_volobj>.<servers_context>:<path>

For test purpose I use map alternative syntax

MAP ROOT <drive>: = <clustered_srvobj>\<volume>:<path>

In this case the error is

Autenticating to server <clustered_srvobj>
LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-430: The following drive mapping operation could
not be completed
[ROOT <drive>:=<clustered_srvobj>\<volume>:<path>]
The error code was 89ff

Home dir is always successfully mapped but in this case login command is


Randomly is successfully mapped another clustered volume (command syntax
like number 1) in my company central office (WAN link 34Mb).
The command is located at the end of login script inside an IF MEMBER OF
true test

TIA for any suggestion about this (buggy??) behaviour