Sorry, been on the road the past two weeks, though I don't really have
more than what Tony already covered.

The line "FAULT ->50d7db07 8a4500 mov al,[ebp+0x0] ss:00a79ee7=??"
from the DRWTSN32.LOG shows things ultimately die during a call into
NETWIN32.DLL. (May or may not actually be during
NETWIN32!NWIsDSServer as suggested; that is just the best DRWTSN32.EXE
can tell without symbol information.)

I would expect the problem is with whomever is calling NETWIN32.DLL
and not an issue with NETWIN32.DLL itself; i.e. someone called
NETWIN32.DLL and specified some invalid memory or similar as one of
the parameters NETWIN32.DLL needed.

In addition to the DRWTSN32.LOG, DRWTSN32.EXE should be attempting to
write a USER.DMP. (Run DRWTSN32.EXE without parameters to bring up
the UI, confirm a "Full" memory dump is being written, and verify the
path it is being written to.)

Opening a support case with Novell & supplying them with the USER.DMP
generated is my best recommendation. No "known issues" that would
have showed up like this in your DRWTSN32.LOG are coming to mind. wrote:

> Alan Adams, you around? :) Know you have some experience with this issue
> and are a genious at drwatson logs! Anyway, everytime I install the
> zfd6.5 agent sp1b (dated 2/4/2005), upon reboot and typing in my username,
> password, hitting Okay, I get a blue screen... any help appreciated. I've
> also tried disabling LDAP CX Login in the client properties (4.91sp1a)
> STOP: C000021a Windows Logon 0xc0000005 , etc etc
> I have applied the Sp4 Rollup patch 1, which includes the updated
> NTDLL.DLL file dated 6/3/2005.
> DRWATSON Log shows the following:
> Application exception occurred:
> App: winlogon.exe (pid=164)
> When: 7/13/2005 @ 14:00:13.017
> Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

Alan Adams, MCNE