No response to my first try. Let's try once more. I have a
client who generates the following server error message in
the failed login log every time he logs in.

Time: Monday, 7-11-2005 8:14 am
Address: IP (his correct ip address)
User: .OU=dev.O=whoi.T=WOODSHOLE.

The server Health Monitor shows about 20 of these every
time. The user says he gets logged in OK without any
noticeable delay. I have looked at his system. He has the
latest client for XP with all patches I know about. As far
as I can tell it is configured correctly. Can anyone tell me
why he is generating this log error? One thing I notice that
strikes me as strange. The user reported in the log does not
have the fully qualified User name that I usually see in
failed logins. That is, I would expect it to start with
CN=xxx. Can anyone tell me why that would be missing and how
I can track down where/why it is happening. Thanks.