Dear Sir or Madame,

on a Win XP-Client with Novell Clinet 4.91, Update 491_PKA, Update
491_nwfs_2, Update 491_nwgina_0. Server: Netware 4.11. After booting the
Windows, the login-screen is shown. If I typin the password fast the
login will also work fast. If I wait about 30 sec before typing the
password it took about 1-2 minutes until the login is finished. The next
problem is for example an opened Excel-Document on the server. If a
didn't work on the document for a while and try to save it, I get the
message, that Excel can't save the document. A click on OK, a second try
and it works. After a time of inactivity a click in the explorer on f: ->
message: can't connect to server. A second click on f: -> all folders and
files are shown. Working with the database with a periode of inactivity I
get the message: external exception. Someone told me that the client 4.83
works better. But on the Novell-Server if I select Support-Download-
Novell Client-Windows XP I only can select Client 491.
Should I downgrade to Windows 98 again or shut down the Novell Server?
In the hardware manager - Network card - Engery Control - Computer can
power down the hardware is not activated.

Best regards,