I have windows XP Pro machines and a Windows 2000 pro machine all at
different locations over a VPN. Each location only has 1 machine and
connects to the main office via a cisco vpn. I have checked and opened a
case with cisco (the vpn is flawless). I have done network tests, and
after about 2 minutes of the client being connected the connection gets
destroyed between the server and the client (novell sb netware 6.5 sp3,
located at main office where the vpn connects to). After that 2 minute
period (well, around 2 minutes), no keep alive packets are sent, nor
anything else...its almost like the connection was terminated by
something. If i click on that mapped drive (H:) it will error, and say
its not connected or something...and then i click on it seconds later and
the connection becomes re-initiated and it seems to work for another 2
minutes. Any help is GREATLY apreciated.