I am switching our school's small network from Win2000 to Netware 6.5 - I
have set up user accounts, directories and login scripts. I have a WinXP
workstation that I am using for test purposes to get the login to work
like it should. I have taken the workstation out of its old Win2000
domain and put it into a workgroup. The trouble I am having is that when
logging in to the workstation after I put in the Novell login info, I am
still being prompted for a Windows Login and the only thing it accepts
since I took it out of the domain is a valid local user account
(administrator is the one I am using). It doesn't seem like it should be
doing this, but I don't know what to change. The reason I took it out of
the domain is so to see if I could get the W2K login scripts from taking
over drive mappings.