We have a few computers in our environment that are used by several
different people. In the past, this group of people used a generic login so
they could all use the machine when needed an access the programs, etc.
Recently we switched (for security purposes of course) so that these people
have their own login and that they are required to use their own.

The biggest complaint is that they have to login and logout between each
other which takes a little time. (sometimes a minute or so to logout due to
the Windows writing settings bug, and then another 30-45 seconds to login
and run the script and have their startup programs start up) Then there are
the times that person A walks away from the workstation and then it locks
after 15 minutes (our policy) or they lock the workstation on their own and
Person B wants to sit down and use it but can't because person B is logged

We have logins setup so that they use DLU with Zenworks and all their apps
are in the NAL Launcher window. The main programs they always use are
GroupWise and GroupWise Messenger.

Are there any good suggestions to make the login/logout process less
stressful and quicker for them? I am so used to the normal login process to
a computer, that I don't have any really good ideas for this. If I need to
provide more info, please let me know.