I have the following problem:

I have Novell NetWare 6 Server.

Server Version: 5.60 Sep 13, 2001
NDS Version: 10110.20 Sep 6, 2001

When connecting from Novell Client up to including 4.90 SP 2, everything
works fine.

However, when trying 4.91 I always get an 'NMAS login timed out. Error
-1644 (0xFFFFFF994)' :-(!

I applied the following patches:

- TID-2971337 Updated NDPS Client Library
- TID-2981589 Novell Client 4.91 Update A
- TID-2971655 Novell Client post4.91 NWGina.dll
- TID-2971853 Novell Client post4.91 NWFS_SYS

None helped. The only thing I can do is either to uninstall or to disable
NMAS Authentication.

The NMAS module that comes with NWC 4.91 is version 3. Does this interfere
that way with my Server version?

Kind regards,