We have a strange problem with our windows xp and 2k workstations. If
we leave the machines powered off for and extended time, say around 3
or 4 hours, when the power is turned on again the workstations don't
see the the Novell Tree. You have to manualy reboot them, and then
they work just fine. They work fine untill they are powered off for 3
or 4 hours. We have tried everything we can think would be a problem
but nothing has worked so far. We also noticed that the only
workstaions that have this strange "reboot once" thing going on are
Workstations LDAP Contextless logon enabled. If LDAP isnt enabled, the
Workstations work fine every boot regardless of its dead time. And its
just not on one Workstation brand, this to our IBM's , and HP's, and
even our custom built Workstations. We are using Client 4.91 and
Novell Netware 6.5 w/ ZENworks 6.5. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks!

Trent W.
Wylie ISD Tech