I have a very strange problem with a couple of laptops running XP Pro SP2
and NC4.90 SP2. Both were originally in our Edinburgh office, where they
connected to a NW6.5SP2 cluster. Recently they (and their users) have moved
to the Glasgow office and are connecting to a NW6.0SP2 cluster.

The problem is that one drive mapping to a cluster volume (SMCA:) is somehow
being redirected to a completely different volume, usually VOL1: but it
sometimes changes.

Even more bizarrely, browsing to \\real-server-ip-address\smca works OK, as
does browsing to \\another-virtual-server-ip-address\smca. But, browsing to
\\ip-address-of-virtual-server-hosting-SMCA-pool\smca brings up the contents
of VOL1!

At present, all cluster resources are running on one node. DSrepairs have
been done ad nauseum...

Does anyone have any ideas? I know 6.0SP2 is somewhat out of date, but apart
from this strange problem the servers have been very reliable.